Dave the Potter

Bryan Collier print from from Dave the Potter given to the library by Greg Taylor and Alvina Ling

We have a striking new piece of art in the library thanks to St Philip’s Academy’s good friends, Greg Taylor and Alvina Ling.

Mrs. Buell reads Dave the Potter and introduces the new Bryan Collier print

Artist, Bryan Collier won the 2100 Coretta Scott Illustrator Award for his illustrations for Laban Carrick Hill’s  book  Dave the Potter which tells the story of  this remarkable  artist, poet and slave who lived  and worked in South Carolina in the 1800s.   Collier shares some background about the book and his illustrations here.


GoldieSocks and the three libearians

Kindergarteners read Goldie Socks and the Three Libearians this week and talked about  how to  use the five finger method to find books that are not too hard for them to read and  not too easy, but just right.  Here is an article  from Reading Rockets  about  Finding ‘Just Right” Books.

Gary Paulsen dedicates his book to YOU!!!

Last year Mrs Buell won the opportunity  to choose the name of a character in a book by Gary Paulsen. Students  voted and chose the name  JC , to honor the memory of our beloved former chef JC Silva,  and  Mrs Buell  chose the surname Tucker to honor her mother.  At the end of the school year we learned that, not only  had Gary Paulsen included a character named  JC Tucker in his book, but that he’d also included a character named Betsy Putnam ( Mrs Buell’s  maiden name)  and dedicated the book to everyone involved in this wonderful story! 

The new book, Crush, hasn’t been published yet, but you may well have seen it poking out of school  backpacks  because   Gary Paulsen’s publisher Wendy Lamb sent us a box of Advance Reader Copies  so that  St Philip’s students  could be among the first people in the whole wide world to read it!!!!  She also sent a  picture of the cover art and the dedication page which reads : This book is dedicated to my friends at

Gilda’s Club


St. Philip’s Academy in Newark, N.J.


Betsy Buell,

Who brought us all together.

The real Mr Falker

October is Learning Disabilities Awareness Month. In the video above. children’s author Patricia Polacco recalls the day that her teacher discovered her dyslexia.  Polacco wrote  the wonderful book, Thank you, Mr. Falker , which you can find in the picture book section of our library,  to  honor her teacher. 

What’s the privacy policy?

Work with a parent or adult family member to go to a favorite site that you use at home, and find and read the site’s privacy policy. Summarize the privacy policy and list any concerns or questions it raises.
Please email your homework to Sr. Elizabeth by Nov.14.

U.N. Day Resources

Here are some resources to help you research your country for U.N. Day:

U.N. Day Resources


U.N Day is coming up soon.
Play the games on the United Nations’ Cyberschoolbus page and help end world hunger at the same time!